Burning Days:  Leaf burning is permitted on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Yard waste , leaves and branchees (not trees) may be taken to the yard waste site across from the new pool on any day at anytime.  Please empty the bags and put the empty bags in the dumpster provided for you.  Illegal dumping at this facility may result in its closure.  Burning trash is never allowed.
Golf Carts:  Golf carts can be driven ONLY by those having a valid driver’s license.  They must be equipped with a “slow moving vehicle” sign and a bicycle safety flag and can operate on the street only from sunrise to sunset.  They cannot be driven on Main Street or Highway 61, but, shall be allowed to cross those streets.  They must be equipped with adequate brakes and shall meet any other safety measures required by the State of Iowa.
Holiday Schedule: City Hall, City Shop and the Library will be closed on September 5th for the Labor Day Holiday. There will be no trash collection that day. Trash will be collected on Tuesday September 6th